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Supports Causes of Social Protection

This site supports causes of social protection and fight against LGBT discriminations, fight against human trafficking

In order to make donations please use


Vipps No. 45845456

Specify in the message Donation anti-trafficking

PayPal Donations


By the donations we try to support persons who are victims of human trafficking. By those funds we try to reinsert them in the society by programs and courses of specialization by different fields and then they will be employed in the work system in the respective fields.

Helping these persons we give them the possibility to choose by themselves to create their destiny.

We can make a choice, but they still can not! It all depends on us!!

We are waiting for your suggestions and you can become collaborative members of this project.

Please contact us at the e-mail address and we will work together for this cause. We need you, any idea, proposition or donation is important.


Rask Service Group

This website supports special causes such as:

  • fight against human trafficking
  • violence in the family
  • rights of LGBT persons

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