Cannabis Massage

TEL   +31 685356753

If you have an addres where you can get your post in Amsterdam, you can go to Stadsloket voor BSN. The Adress is Amstel 1

The Details

If you are looking to relax your body and mind, the cannabis massage is for you. Our licensed massage therapist can provide an in-room or in-studio massage using a variety of all natural cannabis-infused lotions. Since there is no THC among the cannabinoids, there are no psychoactive effects — just soothing sensations and relaxing relief from pain. A great way to experience the healing properties of the cannabinoid known as CBD.

The in-room cannabis massages are offered at participating locations, in-home, or in your hotel room (pending availability). Cannabis-infused massages are performed with the highest quality marijuana oils and creams containing active CBD, which is known for its therapeutic properties of anti-inflammation and pain relief. A sense of deep relaxation, and even a sense of “floating” is normal after a deep cannabis-infused massage session.

Massages available at a Amsterdam-based massage center or in-home


In-Studio Massage:

60 Min – 80 Eur Per Person