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Have you already experienced a tantra massage but you get feeling it should had been something different, something more deep, transformating and intense? You are on the right place! We do REAL tantra and quarantee a quality experience! All our clients are satisfied 🙂

Karolina is available💕

Karolina says:
“My name is Karolina, a young lady from Prague who has been working with tantra and sexual alchemy for a couple of years. I love to explore and so it naturally came i was wondering what that popular tantra is about and throught this amazing art i met so many inspiring people, enjoy the greatest times ever, had my first orgasm, cried a lot and laughed a lot 🙂 Yes, tantra is really that powerful thing! I would love to welcome you to my sessions! ⭐️”

Tantra Spirit is a place of delights and a wonderful team of professional masseuses from Prague. We all are many years experienced tantra therapists and we went throught basic rehabilition massage course as well.

What is a tantra massage?
Tantra massage is a fullbody massage where nudity is something beautiful, where we cherish your body and free your mind and pamper you, ease your breathing and help you relax. Tantra massage activates your senses, waking up each cell of your body and gives you an extraordinary sensual experience. We work with your energy system and heal you. Massage includes a lingam(penis) / yoni(vulva) massage.

✨ Sessions: ✨

Session includes talk, shower and massage. I recommend to take 90minutes at least! In case of one hour session and your first time, we give you introducing talk out of paid time.

Build up a heavenly session just as you need with these extras:

Did you know that every man has a point on the body that is even more sensitive than his penis? Oh yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is just lying there waiting to be stimulated! Experience a sexual state you have never been in before, and breath deeply as the internal orgasms roll through your body

There is a very special energy hidden deep down in every man that surfaces when he loses control. You will be blindfolded, tied up and teased with pain&pleasure combined! Your mind will definitely push its limits! Prostate massage is included in price (if you like)

BODY TO BODY (kr 600)
Experience very hot moments during body to body contacts, feel skin to skin, let the girl take control over you by her amazing moves – spice up your tantra session with little erotic sparkle!

THE BIG DRAW (kr 400)
This is one for the books! Imagine a normal lingam massage, and then make it ten times longer! Your masseuse will focus on your most erogenous area, and spend a long time bringing you to the verge of climax time and time again before you finally explode into erotic bliss!

Are you a man of endless energy or you hold a load of sexual tension so you know you need to release before you can relax and let me treat you all the rest of the time? Then go for double lingam! This add one more lingam massage – in the beginning.

We stay in a nice and clean apartment and taking only serious gentlemen. Catch us on phone (call,sms/Whatsapp). We will be looking forward to you guys! 😽
See you soon!


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