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Posted September 11, 2020 at 8:17 pm by admin

Chiropractic Massage

What we do for our Chiropractic Clients?

At our Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond, we focus on delivering spinal and postural correction, using advanced chiropractic techniques, to promote health and vitality, reduce nerve interference and optimise muscular-skeletal function and brain-body communication.

Our mission is to help clients with mind-body health issues, to thrive again and enjoy life using measurement-based chiropractic principles and advanced chiropractic techniques.

Some interesting facts

Did you know…?

More than 50% of people will have back pain at some point in their lives, and most individuals over 60 years of age have had some significant trauma to their spine.

Bad posture, headaches, neck pain, bad sleep, low energy, migraines and joint pain have never been more prominent than they are today.

What are the reasons behind this?

  • Prolonged driving
  • Long hours in front of a desk and computer
  • Improper office chairs and desks
  • Bad ergonomics
  • Poor diet
  • Improper pillow and mattress
  • Accidents and traumas (including minor ones)
  • Injuries from sport (running, swimming, football, badminton, rugby, squash, polo, tennis, basketball, table tennis etc.)
  • Any repetitive movement
  • Stress/stressful situations


These factors play a role in creating stress points on the spine and stress zones on the muscles that may move the spine out of alignment.

Did you know…?

According to research, 43.2% of women have had some type of tension or cervicogenic headache.


Nerve pressure can result in numbness, tingling and the feeling of pins and needles in almost any part of the body but eventually can progress to sharp stabbing pains. Any pressure on the autonomic nervous system may start to affect organ health and function.

What should we do when we start to get pain?

We should get properly assessed so that we can determine why the pain is there and where it’s coming from. Is it referred pain? Is the spine misaligned and stressing out the muscles? Is it purely muscular? Is it postural? What is the actual state of the spine? Is there damage or arthritis? Are the discs plump and healthy? Were we born with any odd-shaped vertebra (congenital abnormalities)?

The strategy moving forward towards amazing health and energy looks at altering lifestyles by removing stressors but also by finding ways to allow the body to start healing itself naturally as a result of correcting imbalances and taking pressure off joints, muscles and nerves. Better dietary decisions have an impact on health in general and are a significant part of health and vitality. Teaching mindfulness and meditation is a great way of helping all facets of health including mind, body and spirit, for a fuller and more holistic approach to health care.

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